La Pelusa Chusa is a children's book written by my friend Raúl Orejas which tells the story of a little dust fluff who lives with her mom under a girl's bed. Wanting to see the world, she escapes her shady home one day seeking for adventure. Once outside, every inch she rolls, she gets a little bigger.
My friend wrote the story for his niece, and later came to me with a Word file and asked me if I wanted to turn it into a book. I did 16 illustrations and designed the whole book, laying out the texts and doing some lettering for the dialogues. All the drawings were made by hand and colored using Photoshop. Once the book was finished, we set up a crowdfunding project through which we funded the first edition.
The book is in Spanish as you can see here, if you want to purchase a copy please do contact me.
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