Miguitas is Spanish for little bread crumbs, a poetic project name inspired by the passing of time
and the trails it leaves on the cities and its neighborhoods.
The project, impulsed by Madrid's Cultural Assets Office, consists of four brochures focused on the history of
the southern neighborhood of Arganzuela. Three of them are fold-out maps that tell, each of them, a specific part
of the neighborhood's history proposing a route through some key spots. The fourth one, designed specially for kids,
is focused on El Águila, the building (a former brewery from the 19th century) where the Cultural Assets Office is based.

For this project, apart from the illustrations and letterings, I also did the art direction and graphic design.
"By the warmth of industries: Arganzuela's urban and architectural fabric". This one focuses on the physical aspect of the area's heritage: the buildings.
"Cast-in-iron neighborhoods". This one pays special attention to the women who lived, worked and built the neighborhoods' comunities.
"Railroads, factories and the birth of a working class neighborhood". This one is focused on the labor movement legacy of the area.
This one explains the modern-day usage of El Águila, the building where the Cultural Assets Office and other relevant public institutions are based. Includes a cut-out do-it-yourself mobile for children featuring the different buldings that form the former 19th century brewery.
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