First one of a series of brochures created to spread scientific knowledge among kids and grown ups alike. The series is called Cuadernos Experimenta (Experiment Pads or something like that), and this one is about Alber Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
On Albert Eintein's famous Thought Experiments.
On what relativity actually is, and the impossibility of defining an absolute reference.
On Special Relativity and time travel, but only to the future.
On General Relativity and black holes, and how something would behave close to them.
Es un Agujero means "It's a hole".
Es negro means "It's black".
On daily life applications of the Theory of Relativity.
On Albert Einstein's work and its nuclear ramifications.
On Theory of Relativity's deep mark on popular culture.
Following below, the illustrations in context.
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