The series feature the essential elements, which are the 12 chemical elements that form every human body.
It was published in throughout the summer, one element a week.
Oxygen: Breathable energy #essentialelements - 65% of your casing
Carbon: The soul of organic compounds #essentialelements - 18% of your shell
Hydrogen: From the stars to your cells #essentialelements - 10% of your shares
Nitrogen: A key piece in DNA #essentialelements - 3% of your framing
Calcium: For strong bones #essentialelements 1,5% of your mortal soul
Phosphorus: The match that feeds the human body #essentialelements Your flammable 1%
Potassium: The water policeman in our cells #essentialelements 0,25% of your unbearable selfishness
Sulfur: A stinking element that takes care of our skin #essentialelements
Sodium for my nerves! #essentialelements
Chlorine: The disinfectant helping you digest food #essentialelements
Iron: Vital for your metabolism #essentialelements
Magnesium: King of muscle #essentialelements
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